Justice for Brenda


406110_4565076438376_1646950293_nOn March 14, 1995 at 3:00 pm Jeffrey Scott Wolf formerly of Somerset County New Jersey, now living in Amherst New Hampshire took a magnum and put it in his wife’s face. He said it was an accident, but the only weapons fired that day was his, in a planned assault on Brenda Wolf, covered up as a robbery. Wolf got away with the crime and livest to this day in Amherst New Hampshire in the jewelry store Brenda created, with a new life.

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198002_177555119055386_307149586_nThe prosecutor, Nicholas Bissell, possibly the dirtiest DA in USA history killed himself, so we will never know how deeply evidence was played with. What we can surmise is that Bissell was paid off to help Wolf go free, as it would be advantageous to him pocket wise, as well as no other schemes would unfold. We fight a good fight and will never stop until Jeffrey Scott Wolf is indicted for the murder of Brenda Lee Marks Wolf. We fight a good fight and will never stop until all NICHOLAS BISSELL CASES are overturned and re-tried.


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Governor Chris Christie you helped appoint him, now right the wrong done. Farm Fresh Films, Inc. we will never stop pushing forward with you to tell this story. NJN Public Television & Radio Somerset County on NJ.com Connect with NJ.com New Jersey Attorney General Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey News 12 New Jersey #bissell #gottlieb #kennon #wolf #kansascity #cash #coldjustice Cold Justice #jeffreywolf #murder #suicide