Brenda’s Story

BrendaOn March 14, 1995 the perfect crime was committed, and the ultimate double cross was pulled off.  A woman was murdered, a small-time crook would be framed for this murder, and given life for a crime he did not commit while a dirty prosecutor  manipulated the evidence to meet his needs.

The murderer, the woman’s husband would walk free, due to the prosecutor’s masterful plans – and has for 18 years lived a good life, believing that nobody will ever prosecute him for the murder of his first wife.  The dirty prosecutor, got 33 federal counts of various charges, skipped town and blew his brains out when the FBI cornered him in a seedy motel.

There is only one  person who has never forgotten the woman.  Her sister.  I am that woman, and I will never stop fighting for justice to take her blindfold off – the woman, she had a name, Brenda Lee Marks Wolf.  She was beautiful, strong, smart and died at 31 years old, “execution” style in the very words of her murderer, Jeffrey Scott Wolf, formerly of Somerset County, NJ, now living in Amherst, NH – with a second wife, and the same jewelry store he always has had.

Help us to put a murderer away.  Help us to fight corruption.  This could be anyone’s heartache.  Corruption occurs in every town and every State.  This is unacceptable and we the people should not take this type of behavior anymore.